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How To Choose The Right Heat Exchanger and Tubes

By on Sep 12, 2017 in Heat Exchanger and Tubes |

The use of a heat exchanger is a tool that is efficient for sterilization, pasteurizing and cooking. It is also used for cooling and heating different range of products. Having to choose the right heat exchanger needs to deal with the best suppliers of heat exchangers. Although there are many suppliers that offers the same product but make sure that you trust the quality otherwise your business won’t be able to meet the demands of your clients. More so, it is important that you have a basic knowledge in terms of how it works so that you can determine the quality of the heat exchanging tube.

Heat exchanging tube

The heat exchanger consist of a number of tubes. One of the tubes contains a fluid that must either be heated or cooled. Another tube, it is heated or cooled so that it can provide a heating or cooling effect according to its specific needs. There are as well a set of tubes that are called as “tube bundles” and are made out of various types of tubes. This can either be in plain or finned longitudinally. Technically, exchangers are used for extreme pressure applications. Therefore, If you are buying a scraped surface heat exchanger, it is best to know the kind of tubes that you’d like to use for any means of business that you have. Here are the following tips on how you’re going to choose the right set of equipment.

  1. Do you need a heat exchanger?

The use of a heat exchanger is expensive and relatively complex while it is preferred in many situations particularly in the cooling and heating process.

  1. What is the kind of heat exchanger do you need?

One of the simplest form of heat exchanger is called plate heat exchanger. This consists of a combination of a gasket and plates wherein the product and the cooling or heating moves. This is cost-effective and simple to use. This cans also performance by simply processing fluids like milk and others such as thin oils. However, for a more vicious type of process that requires a higher range of heat transfer wherein a tube in tube heat exchanger is the only option.

  1. Will the system meet the needs of your products?

There are several things that you’ll need to consider in terms of using the different system for your products. First of all, the heat exchanger must be able to provide the right or exact amount of heat transfer. There are different materials for designing a heat exchanger which means that various thermal properties are considered. Furthermore, if the heat exchanger is not completely processing sufficient heat it could lead to an implication that jeopardizes your products.

  1. How much is it going to costs? choose for the right budget in buying for a heat exchanger so that you will have the option as to which is best for you.

The latest design for heat exchanger is made to perform at its best. Therefore maintenance is a must in order for it to last longer.